Prague TV

Late last year (2019), v6 Ventures acquired the PragueTV portal (actually, for the 2nd time. The first acquisition in 2004 failed for various reasons, a conversation for another time. Over a beer. Actually, lots of beer!) together with the Prague Monitor, adding them to what is now the CityMedia Network Platform.

At the time (and as you may know) we were running and growing the CitySpy Network with CitySpy Prague being our flagship portal with a focus on highlighting the best of Prague through various content formats, principally video.

With a 2nd opportunity to acquire PragueTV (we’ll come to the Monitor in a mo), we agreed this was a key opportunity to make good on the first acquisition and to grow our audience and content. In doing so, we knew that some content and site consolidation (both in our own portfolio and in the local Prague market) was inevitable.

www.prague.tv was a long-standing English lifestyle portal providing resources for English-speakers living in, visiting, or interested in Prague. It was a leading English language city & lifestyle magazine in Prague. Its pages always appeared among listings for searches on Google and all major search engines. There were 150 000 page visits per month.

CitySpy Prague and PragueTV had significantly overlapping content and audiences and so it was decided to consolidate the portals into and elarged one called PragueLife!. This is why you have been redirected here.

We have been busy behind the scenes importing the content from PragueTV into the new, enlarged PragueLife Magazine. All of the PragueTV content will be viewable here when the importing completes (See below for updates as we complete them). We have respected all of the original article authors but email addresses have been masked to prevent en-mass spam during migration.

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