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Exposure that works.

Increase Customer Footfall, Spending & Loyalty for your business, while gaining insights.

AirAnalytics is an all-in-one promotion platform designed to reach potential customers and collect valuable data, giving you the insights to make informed decisions and grow your business. 

AirAnalytics Core Components

Three integrated components that make venue promotion easier and more efficient and extend reach

Increase venue footfall through visibility and exposure with CitySpy Network

As a digital magazine network, CitySpy offers traditional online advertising capabilities like banner ads as well as enhanced promotional capabilities through visual (we make a ton of videos) and written content. It also features the Golden Directory where venue information (location, operating times, type and reviews) is available in depth for customers browsing the site.

Increase customer spending through smart wireless with AirWiFi

This WiFi service acts as a footfall data collector and a push promotion platform. We provide the box and the setup for your venue and your customers do the rest On connection, customers are will be presented with a promotional window before connecting as they normally would.

Build customer loyalty via our rewards app Happy Hours

This is a customer-facing smartphone application that gathers and stores customer data (drink preferences, frequency, quantity) and  acts as a direct loyalty channel between your venue and your customers. Through it, customers can claim rewards or freebies pushed by your venue, leading to an increase in their loyalty and ultimately spend.

AirAnalytics Platform

Three components that yield BIG results

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