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Prague Monitor: Traditional Banners / Leaderboard

30,000.00 22,500.00

These banners are used to direct traffic & interest to articles covering use cases / services or lead generation forms.

We can create banners for you but if you already have banners, they can be uploaded during the order process.

Examples of previous campaigns are listed in our current media pack here.

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Product Description

  • Leaderboard – the most prominent ad typically along the top of our portals

Size: 728 x 90

Traditional Banner Advertising is the known/recognized advertising and exposure method. It provides high-profile exposure to brands front and centre on our portals and email marketing (depending on the banner choice made), driving traffic to your chosen target site or landing page.

v6 Media does things a little differently in that we do not set the target traffic to sites or pages outside of the v6 Media network. Instead, we create you a dedicated article or landing page that serves to deliver the agreed campaign goals. The outcomes may be reservations at your venue, tickets sales or it could just be awareness and exposure. Either way, we are in control of the content required to deliver the campaign goal and can tweak the content as the campaign progresses based on the progress to date.

v6 Media employs a range of tools, both hidden and visible to drive the campaign goals, secure engagement and to report on progress.

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